WAM Technologies and AT&T collaborate on tracking

New Jersey, US: WAM Technologies and AT&T* are developing wireless machine-to-machine systems for remote management of cold chain, container and other transport equiment.

AT&T is the preferred wireless provider for WAM’s current and future tracking solutions which will be integrated with the AT&T Global SIM platform and M2M Control Center.

“WAM’s M2Connect platform helps companies locate, monitor and control containers and other transportation assets in real-time across the world shipping, ports and intermodal networks. The company has particular expertise in the cold chain, where it provides industry-leading solutions for tracking refrigerated containers, trailers and gensets.

WAM Technologies is an affiliate of Mark-It Services LLC (MIS), North America’s major provider of reefer monitoring and inspection services,” the company says.
AT&T launched Global SIM in 2012 to facilitate large-scale M2M device deployment.

The platform gives users a single system for connecting mobile assets in more than 200 countries, based on the global GSM standard for high-speed wireless delivery. Global SIM has recently become the first in the world to meet the new GSMA specifications for the use of multiple network operator profiles on a single SIM, permitting global wireless M2M connectivity with access to hundreds of carriers worldwide.

AT&T’s M2M Control Center allows users to manage all of the SIMs in their wireless networks, including activation, activity tracking, diagnostics, invoicing and cost/usage reporting.
“This agreement solidifies and formalizes the existing relationship between WAM Technologies and AT&T,” said Parvez Mansuri, WAM.

“We now have the ability to tap into AT&T’s vast resources and a clear framework is in place for joint work on future enhancements and innovations.”

“M2M technology helps to simplify processes throughout the supply chain and allows businesses to transform how they deliver shipments to customers,” said Mike Troiano, Vice President, Advanced Mobility Solutions, AT&T Mobile and Business Solutions.

“We work with businesses of all sizes on developing, managing and implementing the M2M solutions they need to stay competitive.”

“Over the last 25 years, MIS has become the most trusted name in the North American reefer monitoring and service market, supported by WAM’s pioneering telematics,” said Mark Heck, chief executive, MIS.

“The strategic alignment with AT&T allows MIS and WAM to build on this deep experience, further developing our capabilities in end-to-end cold chain transport asset management. The combination of the two companies also creates a formidable force to deliver global M2M connectivity for cargo transportation assets of all types”.

* AT&T products and services are provided or offered by subsidiaries and affiliates of AT&T under the AT&T brand and not by AT&T Inc.

Movianto expands site in Germany

Neunkirchen, Germany: Movianto logistics company Movianto has extended its cold storage warehouse in Neunkirchen by 5,500 cold pallet spaces.

The full capacity of the Neunkirchen/Saarland warehouse including this extension is now 40,000 temperature-controlled pallet locations, including 7,700 cold pallet spaces (+2°C – +8°C) and 600 pallet spaces for pharmaceuticals.

Movianto in Germany operates two ISO 9001:2008 certified warehouses located in Kist/Bavaria and Neunkirchen/Saarland. In recent years Movianto has continuously expanded the Neunkirchen site as a direct response to its clients’ needs.

Thomas Creuzberger, managing director of Movianto Germany and Switzerland, said: “We are continuously responding to the increasing demand of our clients for our services within this region, also with the extension of our facility in Neunkirchen.”

Movianto, which is owned by Owens & Minor, provides services for the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical products industries.

Global Food Cold Chain Council sets out climate-friendly agenda

New York, USA: A coalition of major companies that make up the supply chain for chilled foods has set up the Global Food Cold Chain Council.

The initiative seeks to reduce greenhouse gas emission in the processing, transport, storage and retail display of cold food and to stimulate demand for climate-friendly technology.

This private sector initiative will promote efforts that stimulate demand for climate-friendly technologies while reducing refrigerant emissions, and minimizing food spoilage, and enhancing energy efficiency in the food cold chain.

The initiative will also work with partners in the CCAC (Climate and Clean Air Coalition) to develop and implement broad-based public and private sector collaborative solutions to reduce hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) emissions in the cold food chain across developed and developing countries. The council will work with individual businesses, associations, governments, and civil society.

“The food cold chain is responsible for nearly one third of global HFC emissions. The GFCCC is part of the Alliance’s comprehensive approach to achieving the global reduction of high-GWP HFCs,” said Kevin Fay, executive director of the Alliance for Responsible Atmospheric Policy (ARAP).

The announcement about the new council was made by ARAP with the Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) and other private sector partners at the United Nations Secretary-General’s Climate Summit held in New York City.

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