Schiphol cargo handles record volumes

Amsterdam, Netherlands:  Amsterdam Airport Schiphol reports a strong first quarter in 2017, handling a record 420,168 tonnes from January to March, up 8% on the same period last year.

Schiphol Cargo handled a record 420,168 tonnes from January to March, up 8% on the same period last year

The rise is due to the hub’s commitment to quality in pharma, e-Commerce, and perishables results in boosted volumes, it says.

March figures grew 9.5% to 154,000 tonnes as a result of a 7.2% growth in full freighter volume and a very high belly volume growth at 13.2%.

“We are very pleased that our commitment to enhancing the experience of our pharmaceutical, e-Commerce, and perishables customers, and our continued commitment to quality and transparency in the supply chain is leading to further growth, especially in the Asia and Europe markets,” said Jonas van Stekelenburg, head of cargo, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

“Our pharma initiatives have lead to boosted pharma volumes both inbound and outbound to the USA, South America, and Asia, and we will continue to work with the Schiphol Cargo Community to develop this further.”

“Unfortunately, the growth in the Latin American and African regions is a bit behind.”

Asia remains the largest market for the Dutch hub, with figures up four per cent on inbound to 70,648 tonnes, and 12 per cent to 74, 332 tonnes on outbound, with Shanghai, China, remaining the busiest cargo destination.

The European market grew due to new cargo flows across Europe, where cargo transits at hubs such as Baku, Azerbaijan, and Moscow, Russia en route to final destinations in Asia.

“As a large number of flights now transit Europe en route to China, we can attribute a proportion of the growth in our European figures to the Asian market,” van Stekelenburg said.

A decrease in full freighter volumes on inbound cargo from North America lead to a six per cent decrease on volume to 36,422 tonnes, but exports to the same market were up 12% to 38,666 tonnes due to increased full freighter and belly volumes.

Asia, due to its growing economy, saw both inbound and outbound cargo volumes inflate, up four per cent to 70,648 tonnes, and 12% to 74,332 tonnes respectively.

Africa inbound and outbound cargo capacity was down due to decreased capacity – five per cent to 30,319 tonnes, and 16% to 12,364 tonnes respectively.

The Middle East saw an inbound decrease of four per cent to 21,723 tonnes, while outbound went up 13% to 31,910 tonnes.

Latin America outbound cargo was down 15% to 15,855 tonnes due to decreased freighter capacity. However, inbound volume was up 31 per cent to 30,952 tonnes.

Schiphol’s 7.2% growth over January and February puts the airport in strong standing in Europe, outperforming neighbouring cargo hubs.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is the third largest air cargo hub in Europe, moving 1.7 million tonnes in 2016. In March 2016, Schiphol and its Cargo Community launched Pharma Gateway Amsterdam, which offers a CEIV-certified, closed and transparent pharma airport process.

Forwarders hit out at airlines putting the squeeze on cool chain ground handlers

London, UK:  Short-sighted airlines that invest in cool chain products but squeeze ground handlers on price, are doing their customers a disservice, according to perishables forwarders, reports Loadstar website.

Insufficient investment threatens to become an Achilles heel for perishables shipped by air – despite significant investment by airlines, warn forwarders.

Advances in packaging, technology and visibility have led to marked improvements in the chain, but forwarders are concerned about handlers’ ability to raise their game sufficiently, Loadstar reports.

Stef turnover up 6.1%

Paris, France: Stef reports turnover up 6.1% to £588m (€698m) for its first quarter 2017 citing recovery of food consumption in France and Spain for the turnover boost.

Excluding sales carried out for third parties (clients in out-of-home catering located in France, Spain and Belgium), turnover was up by 6.8% to €614.3m.

Total turnover was up 5.9% on a like-for-like basis with 2017 first quarter sales at €698m

Turnover breakdown  (millions of euro)
Q1                             2016        2017        Change %   Like-for like

Group activities        575.3        614.3        6.8%        6.6%
3rd party sales           82.5          83.7        1.5%        1.5%
Total                         657.8        698.0        6.1%        5.9%

Transport France gained from the upturn in food consumption, with volumes of goods transported up by 1.9%. Turnover growth, driven by a particularly dynamic March figure, is at 5.8% in the first quarter (and 2% excluding the fuel surchage).

Logistics in France recorded strong growth in business for agrifood industries, which are benefiting from two new sites: a warehouse specialising in Temperate Dry Food at Orleans North, and a warehouse for the mass storage of fresh products at Darvault, in the south of the Greater Paris region.

Iberia activities are moving into 2017 with confidence. The commercial development and the densifying of itsgroupage network are contributing to the 6.3% increase in turnover.

Belgium is also performing particularly well, with turnover up 16.6%, reflecting the new contracts signed at the end of 2016 in logistics and synergies set up with the Netherlands.

The other Group operations in Europe are all posting turnover increases, thanks in particular to the impact over a full year of the major contracts won in 2016.

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