4th Cool Chain Strategies Summit

Mumbai, India:  The 4th Cool Chain Strategies Summit, a one day conference which will bring together professionals from pharmaceutical, food processing, hotel, biotechnology & lifesciences industry, takes place next month.

The summit includes cold chain logistics players, shipping and container companies, airlines, terminal operators, warehousing and cold storage owners, reefer handling and refrigeration companies, and packaging solution providers.

“This is one of the dedicated and comprehensive cold chain event in Asia region,” the organiser says.

“The entire summit would have 25 plus industry expert speakers who will share their views and expertise.”

“With over 150 leading cold chain, logistics and supply chain experts congregating at one-place-one-time, this is a must attend event to meet key decision makers across the value chain.”

The conference, on 12 June 2015, also has an exhibition area for supporting companies to showcase their products and services.

Philip von dem Bussche is new chair of Krone advisory board

Spelle, Germany:  Philip Freiherr von dem Bussche takes over as chairman of the Krone Advisory Board from Bernard Krone who stays on as an honorary member.

“We are very pleased to have recruited such an outstanding expert on the industry in Philip von dem Bussche whose presence will be a great asset to the Krone Advisory Board,” said Bernard Krone who leaves office at his own request.

“As a qualified farmer and businessman, von dem Bussche not only speaks the language of our customers but also brings on board excellent product knowledge and customer proximity.

“These are the factors that distinguish a successful business, because a company must not only have excellent product quality and great innovative strength but also have its ear to the ground and engage in continuous dialogue with customers. This is one of the major pillars of Krone’s success.”

Philip von dem Bussche has a degree in Business Administration from the University of Cologne. He has long played an active role on the various committees of the DLG Deutsche Landwirtschaftsgesellschaft, holding the office of president between 1997 and 2005.

In 2001, the Krone Group set up an advisory board for its holding company made up of one family member (Dr Bernard Krone) and four persons who have successfully led or continue to lead industrial companies in their own right but are not related to the family.

It is a matter of principle that the non-family board members have no business, personal or financial ties to the Krone Group. The duties of the Advisory Board include advising on future strategy for the Krone Group and injecting external ideas to enhance objectivity.

Current board members along with Dr Bernard Krone are Bernard ten Doeschate, Dr Wilhelm-Friedrich Holtgrave and Bernd Meerpohl.

Chalcroft builds new coldstore for Ardo

Kings Lynn, UK:  Chalcroft has completed a new cold store for frozen fruit and vegetable supplier Ardo UK.

Ardo 1

Ardo newly extended coldstore built by Chalcroft

Ardo needed to minimise the impact of a new building because of its location, bordered by the Kent Downs, an area of outstanding natural beauty, as well as residential communities.

With the guidance of the local council, Chalcroft incorporated exterior cladding in two shades to help mask the structure – pale ‘goosewing grey’ to blend in with cloudy British skies when viewed from below, and a darker grey to merge with surrounding trees when seen from the hills above.

With the original premises built in 2000 and the first extension in 2009, providing both interior and exterior continuity between each phase of construction was a priority for Ardo and Chalcroft. Inside, the building fabric has been carefully sealed to ensure a consistent temperature of -22°C can be achieved.

Ardo 2

The new £4m cold store adds almost 1,900m² to Ardo warehousing

Chalcroft also incorporated a protective firewall between the new and existing phases, meaning the business could remain operational as any fire could be contained without spreading to adjacent phases while outside, the cladding was extended to provide a seamless finish.

Chalcroft built a £6.7m cold store and packing hall for Ardo in 2009 over a 44-week period.

In order to fulfil customer commitments, the new build had to be carefully planned so as not to disrupt operations. Jon Barnes, Ardo UK’s Supply Chain and Inventory Director, explained: “Business continuity was critical and our aim was to ensure uninterrupted service for our customers.

“Having worked with Chalcroft on the previous phase, we knew we could rely on them to manage the build sensitively. Indeed, some of the team working on the cold store had been part of the original project and that stability contributed greatly to a well-managed project which was completed on time and on budget, with no disruption to our core business.”

This is the second majpr project for Ardo: Chalcroft built a £6.7m cold store and packing hall for Ardo in 2009 over a 44-week period.

Mark Reeve, Chalcroft managing director, says: “Having the opportunity to undertake new work for existing clients is always gratifying, and is testament to the outstanding service we provide. We develop close relationships with customers, becoming a true partner to them thanks to our understanding of not only the project, but the ongoing needs of their business.”

The new £4m cold store opened in late 2014 and adds almost 1,900m² of storage space to Ardo warehousing, bringing the site total to nearly 9,700m². Capable of holding 4,200 pallets, space-efficient mobile racking has been installed along with LED lighting controlled with motion sensors to reduce energy consumption.

Barnes says: “Our overall storage capacity now exceeds 22,500 pallets and, with more space and improved handling facilities, we are well placed for continued growth in the years to come. Additionally, the efficient sealing of the building and motion-controlled lighting have contributed to our energy efficiency targets, saving us 97% of our electricity usage on lighting alone.”

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