From Prairie State to Dairy State

Milwaukee, WI, US: MCS Logistics is opening its new branch office in Milwaukee, WI.

MCS already has dedicated full truckload services throughout the continental USA, Canada and Mexico.

Tony Kucharski, president, MCS Logistics says, “For years our client base has been growing in Wisconsin. With the economy continuing to improve, we felt that this was the ideal time to position ourselves closer to our existing clients and add new ones.”

The specialty of MCS logistical services is that they handle dry cargo, temp-controlled freight, and frozen truck cargo. This is further complemented by their ability to handle all in-transit cargo at their cold storage warehouse in McCook, IL.

MCS has been offering reefer FTL service to customers shipping temperature controlled products throughout the US. Wisconsin ranks #1 in cheese production in all of the US and is second only to California in milk production.

Kucharski says, “Our niche has always been in refrigerated cargo. It makes sense for us to be in the biggest dairy producing market in the country. With so few temp-controlled trucking companies, Wisconsin now has another option with an already proven track record.”

Along with their other national routes from Chicago, MCS now offers daily departures of FTL cargo from Milwaukee to all continental destinations. With their headquarters located just outside of Chicago in Elmhurst, IL, Milwaukee was an obvious expansion point at only 92 miles away.

As a value-added service, MCS has a secure on-line portal where shippers or receivers can get a ‘real-time’ update on the status of all of their consignments.

Kucharski says, “We are proud of our growth that is largely attributed to a solid reputation. We are eyeing other markets and will continue to expand to other cities that will enhance our market share in the Midwest.

Stef gets fish contract for Acquadea

Ajaccio, Corsica, France: Acquadea, the Corsican subsidiary of Gloria Maris, has signed a new contract with Stef for transport and logistics services.

The contract is to transport some 1,000 tons of bass, sea bream, and drum a year delivering to over 100 consignees in Europe.

Philippe Riera, chairman of Acquadea, said:  “Since 1992, we focus on open sea aquaculture. Today, we produce over 1,000 tons of bar, sea bream and drum sold in Corsica and Europe.

“To accompany our development and to optimize our logistics process, we decided to expand our partnership with Stef, a partner of ours since the birth of our company. Its concrete answers to our commercial needs, its expertise and its value-added services were key in our decision”.

Under the contract Stef staff takes delivery of merchandise in Corsica, selected by specie and size, at the Stef Plan d’Orgon site. Stef carries out order picking and ships the merchandise across Europe.

From Corsica, the goods are delivered to the Rungis market on D+1, to the Paca (Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur) and Rhône-Alpes regions on D+1 and in Europe (United-Kingdom, Italy and Switzerland) on D+2.

ERMS offers short term storage

Chatteris, Cambridgeshire, UK: ERMS has over 4,000 sq metres of temperature-controlled and ambient warehousing available for short-term rent.

ERMS UK warehoue storage(Medium)Martyn Smith, commercial head, ERMS, says: “We can provide appropriate holding conditions for a whole variety of products that need the right conditions.

“Equally, we can provide ambient storage on or off pallets if required. From fruit to a wide variety of goods, we have a secure site that can accommodate just about any product.”

“Be they short term for a few weeks or longer term into the future with one-stop fulfilment services, the central storage facility in Cambridgeshire is an ideal location to meet the most demanding of delivery schedules, allowing customers to accurately plan logistics and deliveries, including JIT for effective cost management.”

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