A Heck of a contract for Fowler Welch

Washington, UK: Fowler Welch has clinched a major contract with sausage manufacturer Heck Foods UK, delivering products to a range of major retailers.

Fowler Welch will be collecting and distributing 45,000 pallets per annum to retailers from its Washington, Tyne and Wear depot.

Andrew Keeble, managing director at Heck Foods said: “Fowler Welch has a proven track record for providing flexible and responsive solutions and from our initial meetings with the team it was very clear that they were able to offer us a flexible and efficient service that would deliver tangible benefits to our business.

“The experience and expertise that Fowler Welch brings to the table makes me confident that they will quickly become an extension of the Heck team and deliver an innovative service that will increase efficiencies across our supply chain operation.”

Jonathan Lee, Fowler Welch head of sales, said: “By listening, responding and delivering to the needs of Heck Foods and gaining an understanding of their business strategy and objectives, we have been able to offer tangible benefits to the efficiency of their supply chain and look forward to developing a long-standing partnership.”