ACS&T opts for Renault telematics to monitor fuel

Scarborough, UK: ACS&T has added five new Euro 5 tractors for trunking, retail and foodservice deliveries. All have Renault’s Optifuel Informax system, a telematics package linked directly into the engine management of the truck.

AcAC Euro VACS&T is working with Renault to take better control of running costs and fuel consumption. The cheaper Euro 5 tractor units offer a better mpg than their Euro 6 equivalents.

The system takes operating parameters from the engine and driveline and enables previously unavailable fuel usage information to be accessed. The new trucks will be added to the existing fleet at the company’s Scarborough depot.

Malcolm Johnstone,  managing director,  ACS&T is hoping that the investment will mean savings on fuel bills. “The system gives us the exact mpg figures for both the vehicle and the driver, and the tracking solution analyses vehicle data including driving styles and vehicle conditions, which in turn allows to us work closely with all full-time drivers,” he says.

“When the data is downloaded from the system we can see how the vehicles are driven and we can therefore see where drivers can make improvements in their technique to make them safer and more efficient in terms of fuel consumption.”