Arla gets keys to sustainable transport

Gothenburg, Sweden: Arla has taken a step further towards a fossil-free future with Scania’s symbolic handover of vehicle keys to signify a deal to provide 48 vehicles powered by rapeseed methyl-ester (RME), a form of biofuel that emits around two-thirds less carbon dioxide than diesel.

The fossil-free fleet of Scania trucks will be supplied to Arla’s Swedish distribution units in Järfälla, Linköping, Jönköping, Gothenburg, Örebro, Ronneby and Visby in 2019 and 2020. Arla, which is a farmer-owned cooperative involving 11,000 farms in seven European countries, already runs vehicles on RME, hydrogenated vegetable oil (HVO) and Swedish-produced ethanol.

Scania and Arla have also worked with Lantmännen and ethanol producer SEKAB on a comprehensive concept, called Etha, to help Swedish industry’s switch to fossil-free transport.

Berne Carlson, vehicle manager at Arla, says: “Arla has taken up the challenge of becoming fossil free in 2020, which is far more ambitious than the minimum required by the European Union timescale. Thanks to Scania’s ability to deliver vehicles that can run on alternative fuels, we are happy to say that we will get there.”

Fredrik Lundström, fleet sales manager at Scania Sverige, says: “Scania can provide vehicles and engines for all types of alternative fuels. While one type of fuel is not necessarily the solution for all, the conditions of each region, such as access and infrastructure, always influence what type of alternative fuel fits best. In this case, RME is the right fit and we’re delighted to help Arla in its efforts to become fossil free.”

As a biofuel, RME, derived from the bright yellow flowering plant rapeseed, can cut carbon dioxide emissions by up to 66%. In January 2018, the Swedish fiscal authorities recognised the role the fuel can play in cutting emissions when it confirmed RME’s continuing tax-exempt status.

In turn, this is making RME more cost-competitive and having a positive effect on its availability. Since the authorities’ decision, sales of the biofuel have been performing strongly.


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