Asda cuts chilled distribution energy costs

Leeds, UK:  Supermarket chain Asda claims it is saving 17% in energy costs at its chilled distribution depots, according to Logistics Manager.

A key factor was installing temperature monitoring with Silvertree Engineering’s IceSpy System 5.  The system records temperatures from various locations throughout each cold store automatically and sends the data to a local PC or network for review.

The move was part of a wider energy-saving initiative that led to an overall cost reduction of around £85,000 (17%).

Tony La Rosa, infrastructure manager at Asda Group said: “We have been reviewing the performance of the refrigeration units at our chilled distribution centre sites, not only to preserve the upmost quality of our products but to prevent unnecessary costs and limit the environmental impact of unnecessary energy usage.

“The service and support provided by Silvertree came highly recommended by Star Refrigeration (Asda’s refrigeration contractor) and we are extremely satisfied with the system that has been introduced.”