Brexit: Lorry checks at Dover ‘unrealistic’ says Grayling

Dover, UK: There will be no customs checks at Dover after the UK leaves the EU, said Chris Grayling, transport secretary.

Physical checks on lorries after March 2019 would be “utterly unrealistic,” he told the BBC’s Question Time recorded in Dover this week. Trade would be managed electronically to allow “seamless” movement, he said.

Grayling said goods moved seamlessly across national borders elsewhere in the world and there was no reason this would not happen after Brexit.

Logistics companies which operate UK borders have been asked to sign “non-disclosure agreements” as part of a government information-gathering exercise on Brexit, reports Sky News.

Sky says individual firms and trade bodies have been sworn to secrecy about conversations with officials about the impact on freight traffic if there is no Brexit agreement as well as other possible scenarios.