Ceva Logistics renews Akgida in Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey: Ceva Logistics has renewed its transport contract with Turkey-based Lactalis Group’s subsidiary Akgıda.

Ceva began working for Lactalis, one of  Europe’s largest producers of dairy products, in 2011 providing full truck load transport in Turkey. Ceva hauls products from Akgida’s Luleburgaz site northwest of Istanbul and from Karaman in the south delivering to distributors and supermarkets.

Ceva now also handles temperature-controlled transport to and from Akgida’s Sakarya factory and coordinates recycling the plastic crates used to deliver milk and milk products to supermarkets.

The contract to date has involved up to 13,000 trips all with temperature-controlled trucks.

Ali Sözen, president, Akgida says: “We are the largest company in the Turkish dairy sector and Ceva is well-established as our strategic solutions partner.

“Milk and dairy produce logistics is a delicate process requiring solutions where you have to work against the clock so it is important to have a strong and reliable logistics solutions partner. Ceva has proved themselves time and again to us in order that we can continue to provide our customers with our natural, delicious, quality and hygienically delivered products and we are delighted to renew our working relationship”.

Adds Fuat Adoran, executive vice president – Balkans, Middle East & Africa, Ceva, says: “We strive to offer the best possible solutions to our business partners based on our experience and knowledge.

“Dairy products logistics requires an operation that has no room for error because of the delicacy of the entire process. We are happy about our growing and continuing partnership with Akgida and their trust in us; we will be building upon this cooperation through our ongoing operations together”.