Cimetra Warehousing & Distribution to open temperature-controlled warehouse

Nashville, TN, US: Cimetra is to open a new 550 sq metre temperature controlled warehouse in June. The new warehouse is designed as an extension of a current warehouse and will provide companies with more options for housing their products.

Currently, the logistics company provides a services including warehousing, freight consolidation, inbound quality/quantity checks and  pick and pack order services in addition to third party logistics. The company, founded in 1977 in upstate New York, moved to Nashville, TN, for a more central location. Still family owned and operated, the new branch operates with two warehouses with 24,000sq metre capacity.

Cimetra owner Melanie Guay said, “Many of our customers come to us because we give them the opportunity to concentrate on their business while letting us worry about the warehousing. Our margin of error is extremely low in fact in one of our recent shipments found less than an error per product out of 3 million boxes.”