Cold chain growth to drive China’s logistics market

Delhi, India: The logistics market in China has attained considerable attention in the past few years, and is witnessing tremendous growth.  According to Chinese Logistics Market Forecast to 2012, a research report by RNCOS, cold chain logistics have been gaining importance nowadays as people are becoming more aware of safety and quality of the food they consume.

The government in China is also implementing administrative, financial, and legal standards on cold chain logistics to support the industry.  It is estimated that the future growth in cold chain logistics will drive the country’s overall logistics market.

In China, large geographical spread and the entry of foreign players have also contributed to the development of logistics infrastructure, and new technology transfer.  The Chinese logistics enterprises are increasingly shifting towards green logistics.  Besides, increasing investments for infrastructure development are emerging as one of the major factors driving the industry.  As per the report, rising manufacturing activities and companies’ changing operating strategies will result in the increased usage of third party logistic services.

With the growing domestic consumer demand, and expanding industrial base, the logistics market in the country is anticipated to surge at a CAGR of 9% during 2011-2013.

The report provides broad research and coherent analysis of the Chinese logistics industry, along with a brief overview of the key players operating in the market.  The research findings will help consultants, industry analysts, and vendors gain an in-depth knowledge of the current and past performance of the industry.

The forecasts presented in the study are based on the correlation between past market trends, statistical analysis, and industry drivers.  By identifying potential opportunities, the research aims at presenting a clear picture of the Chinese logistics industry to clients.