Cold Consortium chooses invisible refrigeration

York, UK: Van converters, the Cold Consortium, is offering Hubbard Products’ Zer0° Invisible Refrigeration.

Hubbard’s Invisible format means the dimensions and aerodynamics of the vehicle remain unchanged from the original specification

The compressor and condenser are mounted in the engine compartment and under the chassis

Two specifications give chill and frozen

A demonstrator panel van has been completed in conjunction with Hubbard Products and Vauxhall illustrating how tomorrow’s refrigerated vans will change the face of food logistics.

Hubbard Products’ Zer0° range covers all customers’ needs from micro-vans through small, medium and large panel van to larger box body vehicles and includes two ‘invisible’ models the Z008 and Z009 – available to chill (0°C) or freeze (-20°C) – in standby, non standby and, dual evaporator specifications.

The ‘Invisible’ format indicates the exterior dimensions and aerodynamics of the vehicle remain unchanged from the original manufacturers’ specification. This ensures that the vehicle retains its overall economy, and the bodywork is undamaged by the installation of a traditional external condenser unit. The low-line evaporator units are fixed to the internal insulation conversion rather than to the vehicle body.

Ian Gardiner, managing director of the Cold Consortium says: “This new approach to vehicle refrigeration offers our customers considerable peace of mind as well as delivering chilling performance to match the needs of today’s food logistics chain the units also have a two-year warranty as standard. With no change to the vehicles overall dimensions, and no disruptive installation, the value and the aerodynamic performance of the vehicle is maintained and ensures its economy, and range (mpg) is preserved.

“The system is simple to maintain with the compressor and condenser units mounted within the engine compartment and under the chassis, making them easy to access for routine maintenance. In the twenty-three years the Cold Consortium has been successfully converting vehicles this is a leap forward in customer convenience, and we are pleased to be pioneering the development of new and practical refrigeration solutions. Working with the major commercial vehicle manufacturers, Ford, Iveco, Vauxhall, Renault, VW, Mercedes and Fiat we can now offer ‘invisible’ refrigeration to suit all needs.”

Available in two specifications R134a (chill to 0°C) and R452a (Freeze to -20°C), Hubbard SFZ Invisible units offer an elegant and powerful solution to modern logistical needs within the chilled and frozen sector.

SFZ008/9 units are suitable for positive and negative temperatures.
Condensing unit weight      5.4/6.1kg
Evaporator weight              14Kg/20kg
Evaporator Airflow              910m3/h
Air throw                             3/4m


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