Easy-fit fridge clutch repair kits available

Parc Menter, Carmarthenshire, Wales, UK: Combidrive has a range of fridge clutch repair kits that will fit most 3-shoe fridge clutches used on Thermo King and Carrier  Transicold trailer fridges.

A centrifugal clutch normally connects the diesel engine to the compressor which provides for “soft” starting and allows the electric motor to drive the compressor when the fridge is in a “quiet” area for example.

“The repair kit from Combidrive comprises a set of rubber bushed flyweights and springs. Fitting is straight forward and without special tools, the company says. The kit will fit most 3 shoe fridge clutches fitted to Thermo King and Carrier trailer fridge models including Maxima, Maxima TM800, SB150, SBII, SBIII, SMX, SMX II (depending on original model fitted),” the company says.

For a list of complete clutches see their web site.