Fowler Welch trials MAN at Euro 6

Spalding, Lincolnshire, UK: Fowler Welch has ordered 130 new MAN TGX 26.440 XLX Euro-5 tractor units to replace around a third of the company’s three-year old Volvo fleet.

Fowler is also to take five Euro-6 vehicles from MAN, as part of a wider trial to assess comparative performance and cost-efficiencies.

Fowler Welch is to take five Euro-6 vehicles from MAN as part of a performance trial

Paul Allera, fleet manager, Fowler Welch, says: “Our customers in the chilled sector have always relied on us to meet their ‘Day One for Day Two’ schedules, and that means keeping our fleet as efficient and closely-monitored as we can.

“Now, ambient product producers are also looking for those same high levels of expertise and logistics efficiency we bring to chilled products, and ‘Day One for Day Two’ is being requested more and more by this part of the market. With these new fleet replacements we can build on our high standards and tackle both new demands and new customers without any problem.”

The new MAN TGX 26.440 tractors have MAN EcoStyle telematics providing location and delivery information as well as individual driver and vehicle performance data.