Fowler Welch video highlights opportunities to cut food waste in supply chain

Spalding, Lincolnshire, UK: Fowler Welch has launched its latest video which addresses the current issue of food waste in the supply chain and how food producers and logistics companies can work together to tackle this important issue.

The UK logistics and supply chain expert has interviewed FareShare’s director of network development Mark Varney and Addo Foods’ supply chain manager Phil Morgan for its “Industry Insights” YouTube series, which features video interviews of key industry figures sharing their knowledge on topics affecting the supply chain.

In October 2016, Fowler Welch teamed up with food redistribution charity FareShare to enable more surplus food to be used to provide nutritious meals for vulnerable people across the UK. In the interview Varney discusses how Fowler Welch’s involvement offers producers an easy and efficient solution, allowing them to donate their surplus product to FareShare, so far providing over half a million meals to those in need.

Fowler Welch transported over 200 tonnes of surplus products to FareShare during the first six months of the scheme, but Varney insists there is ”still so much more to do.” In the video Varney explains how “there is at least 270,000 tonnes of edible food that’s thrown away by the food industry each year and we’d love to dramatically grow that volume of food away from waste and into organisations that support people in need.

“In the six months since we launched the scheme with Fowler Welch, we’ve developed 14 new partnerhips, including Addo Foods and Dairy Crest, and between those 14 companies we’ve received enough food for over half a million meals, which we’ve been able to distribute to the frontline organisations which we support.”

Fowler Welch chief executive Nick Hay says: “No company wants to see their quality produce go to waste, but no matter how efficient your business, food waste occurs for a range of reasons. We knew that our customers were keen to see their surplus food go towards helping their local communities, while reducing their carbon footprints but sometimes struggled to make the logistics of the operation work.

“With the FareShare partnership, surplus stock is collected alongside the usual Fowler Welch delivery, allowing companies to support some of the most vulnerable people in our society without any added cost or food miles.”

Also featured in the video interview is Phil Morgan, supply chain manager for Addo Food Group which in the first week of the scheme donated 12 pallets of stock to FareShare, representing over 2,500 meals, a number which has since increased to over 45,000.

Phil says: “Working with Fowler Welch in this initiative makes it easier for us to move stock from the dispatch bay, creating space and increasing efficiencies in our dispatch area.”

The video is available to view on Fowler Welch’s Industry Insights YouTube channel, alongside previous videos from IGD, The BRC and Planet Retail: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21SMmp70Q7g.