Fraikin launches Vision telemetry

Coventry, UK: Fraikin has introduced a telematics system called Vision. The web-based systems allows customers access from any computer with a link to the internet and see exactly where their fleet is by viewing a dynamic online map.

Colin Melvin, Fraikin’s strategic customer development director says: “Telematics provides an invaluable tool to help fleet managers run efficient and effective operations and Fraikin Vision is a new pan-European solution that can truly make a difference to a business’s bottom line.

“Fraikin Vision can not only help a fleet manager to optimise the deployment of a fleet, minimise mileage and avoid traffic jams, it also provides a valuable insight into how well individual drivers are performing.

“Aggressive stop-start driving is the biggest waste of fuel, for example: adopting a smooth driving style can cut up to 15% off fuel bills which is a significant saving. Fraikin Vision helps fleet managers to identify and improve driving practices.”