Gati expands cold chain operations

Hyderabad, India: Supply chain solutions firm Gati is expanding its cold chain business and plans to buy 190 reefer trucks in the next three years.

Gati Kausar, a division of the company that handles temperature-controlled distribution, including frozen foods, has increased its reefer fleet from 140 to 162 trucks this year.

“By 2015, we plan to have a fleet size of 350, with focus primarily on organised retail, including food chain, pharmaceuticals and dairy and agro products,” the company said in a statement.

Gati entered the cold chain market when it acquired Delhi-based trucking company Kausar in 2007. The company also plans to develop customised cold storage units to cater to different temperature-sensitive products, including pharmaceuticals.

Gati has entered into partnership agreements with airlines to expand its global distribution network. “Going forward, there will be increased focus on trade lanes between India and China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Germany. We will primarily cater to the automotive, telecom and electronics sectors,” the company said.