German firm adds temperature-controlled space

Hamburg, Germany:  German firm Lehnkering has built a new temperature-controlled storage unit at its dangerous goods warehouse in Hamburg-Altenwerder in a bid to offer customers in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry suitable storage facilities for temperature-sensitive products.

The new 1,000 square metre temperature-controlled storage site has space for 1,800 Euro pallets. The temperature can be lowered down to 4°C. The temperature-controlled section is equipped with a combined cooling unit with reciprocating piston compressors and a cooling load of 36 kW – and the latest safety features.

“Hamburg is an important transhipment centre for flows of commodities in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry,” says Björn Liedtke, a member of the management team at the distribution logistics & services division at Lehnkering.

He says the company “is significantly expanding its portfolio for its customers by investing in the new temperature-controlled storage unit and is tapping into a new business segment for the business location.”