Indian Cold Chain Expo gets closer…

New Delhi, India: The IAI Cold Chain Expo is going to be held on 13-15 December 2012 at IARI Exhibition Ground (PUSA), New Delhi.

Organisers say that the IAI Cold Chain Expo 2012 will bring focus to the rapidly growing Indian cold chain industry, a sector growing at an encouraging rate of 20-25%.

However, about 35-40% of fruits and vegetables and nearly 10% of food grains in India are wasted annually. As much as 20-40% of food grown in India spoils before reaching consumers.

The 6th IAI Expo in December 2011 drew more than 13000 visitors and more than 170 exhibitors over three days.
This year’s visitors are expected to come from the cold storage industry, along with pharmaceutical companies, seafood companies and cold chain consultants.