Irish commercial diesel rebate welcomed

Dublin Ireland: The Irish government is to give a the rebate on diesel to tax compliant licensed hauliers from the 1 July.

Details of the scheme are yet to be finalised by the Department of Transport but it stated in the initial outline stated that the maximum rebate would be set at 7.5 cents per litre.

The initiative is seen by Freight Transport Association Ireland members as “one that will support them and many other small businesses in all sectors of the economy as the majority of hauliers in Ireland are relatively small organisations relying on cost effective transport.”

Declan McKeon, FTA head of policy Republic of Ireland said:  “Freight Transport Ireland (FTAI) believes that this is a step in the right direction, and welcomes initiatives like this which will encourage growth, particularly in view of the current difficult financial climate.”

“We have been in contact with both the Department of Finance and Department of Transport with a view clarification of this move and in order to confirm who it applies to. FTAI represents a broad spectrum of the freight industry and it is vital that we become involved in any further consultation in order that we understand fully how the initiative will work,”  McKeon. says.