IRU launches new website

Geneva, Switzerland: The International Road Transport Union has re-launched its website to provide easier access to IRU information, messages and resources.

The new IRU website is easier to navigate and allows  faster information retrieval. Juliette Ebélé, IRU head of communications, said: “With today’s strategic importance of online communications, it was time to re-structure and upgrade the some 2500 pages currently available on the IRU website.”

“New user-friendly features have also been implemented, such as ‘Related content’ and ‘Useful links’ boxes, as well as easy video screening and a new agenda module for press events, to name but a few. And this is just a beginning: be sure to keep looking for other upgrades throughout the year,” she said.

Upgraded functions include a global filter enabling website visitors to sort content by type of transport (goods, passengers or both), as well as a better search engine allowing for faster and more efficient retrieval of information and files.

The IRU site also includes RSS feeds, Twitter and YouTube accounts that allow all interested parties to join and remain constantly up-to-date with the IRU’s latest activities and projects.

Login details and account data enabling previously registered users to access IRU Services remain valid.