Isotrak partners with C3 Solutions

Milton Keynes, UK: Isotrak and C3 Solutions are to integrate their respective systems.   This partnership will allow customers to solve unique operational challenges.

For example, estimated time of arrival (ETA) information can be sent from trucks that are destined to yards managed by C3’s Yard Smart.  As these arrival times are updated, Yard Smart’s intelligent agent software will adjust the trailer selection based on real-time events to avoid unnecessary trailer moves, or direct time sensitive loads to their destinations without delay, thereby reducing operational costs and CO2 emissions.

In addition, Yard Smart is now able to send trailer move tasks to drivers equipped with the Isotrak ATMS system.  As each over the road driver arrives on-site, Yard Smart and ATMS can be configured to send task information to the driver maximizing the use of power units on site.

“Integrating telematics information into the yard operation is a powerful feature for our customers”, states Nicholas Couture president of C3 Solutions.  “The real time data provided by Isotrak’s ATMS system significantly improves Yard Smart’s capability to increase productivity in the yard.”

“We are always looking to increase our customers return on investment in our solution”, says Greville Coe, sales and marketing director at Isotrak, “Partnering with companies such as C3 Solutions allows our customers to gain substantial additional benefits at minimal cost.”

C3 Yard Smart customers can take advantage of the Isotrak integration with Yard Smart version 4.2.  The function will be available to Isotrak customers in the 6.2 release of the ATMS transport execution system.

Isotrak provides software products and bassed on GPS satellite tracking and vehicle telematics data. Established in 1996 as a division of NFC, Isotrak became a separate company in July 1999 and today supports over 35,000 vehicle connections for customers including Tesco, Asda, Eddie Stobart, Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s, Skanska Utilities and the Royal Mail. C3 Solutions provides software solutions for yard management and dock scheduling.   Founded in 2000 and based in Montreal QC, C3 Solutions has customers in the United States, Canada and Europe.