Keenan Seafood retail deal with Tesco

Belfast, Northern Ireland: Keenan Seafood to sell its fresh fish directly to Tesco shoppers.

Keenan Seafood to sell its fresh fish through Tesco stores

The move into retail for Keenan Seafood will see the 70 year-old fish business bring some of its 250 lines to the supermarket.

Launched in Tesco’s Newtownbreda’s Extra store, the partnership between Tesco Northern Ireland and Keenan Seafood was welcomed by commercial manager for Tesco Northern Ireland, Stephen Magill.

“The introduction of this concession signals a renaissance among local shoppers for a fresh, daily catch, as well as a growing interest to incorporate fish more into family meals, due to its well-publicised health benefits,” he said.

Gerry Keenan, managing director, Keenan Seafood, said: “This listing with Tesco is an important development for the business and a worthy milestone in our 70-plus years and we look forward to the success it brings.”