Lawsuit over lack of temperature control for wine

Naples, FL, US: Great Northern Insurance has filed a lawsuit against transport company Cellar Advisors, claiming a $2M wine shipment was “permanently and completely damaged” because it had not been maintained in a temperature-controlled environment.

According to an article in the Chicago Tribune, in June 2012 D. Gideon Searle hired St. Louis-based Cellar to transport the wine, held in a Des Plaines warehouse, in refrigerated carriers to a wine cellar in Naples.

pon arriving in Florida a month later, workers in the wine cellar noticed that the wine was warm and had various degrees of damage, leaking and cork displacement, suggesting that it hadn’t been maintained in a temperature-controlled environment, the lawsuit said.

The Searle family submitted a claim to Great Northern which paid the couple and is now seeking damages from Cellar Advisors.