Light weight thermal covers

Birmingham, UK: TP3 Global has launched a new range of thermal covers for temperature sensitive pharmaceutical and perishable logistics.

SilverSkin covers are easily moulded around unusually sized and shaped pallet loads providing more effective protection

SilverSkin is a family of thermal covers less than 1mm thick made from new materials with extremely high direct sunlight reflectivity and designed for shipping ambient pharmaceuticals.

Peter Lockett, founding director of TP3 Global says customers want a low cost solution that has appropriate thermal performance and works easily and quickly operationally.

The specialist ‘low memory’ materials used in SilverSkin covers allow them to be easily moulded around unusually sized and shaped pallet loads, providing more effective protection.

“With additional manufacturing capability in India supplying the Asian Pacific market, pharmaceutical companies will be able to qualify SilverSkin products centrally and have them available globally though the network of logistics partnerships,” he says.

TP3 Global plans to have manufacturing capability in the Americas during 2013, supplying south and north America.