Melted ice cream caused $490,000 loss

Carlinville, IL, US: Ice cream company Prairie Farms Dairy has taken legal action against a cold storage business that it claims stored ice-cream at too high a temperature, allowing it to melt before delivery to customers.

Prairie Farms Dairy claims it stored its ice cream with Arthur Well Group and Freezer Refrigerated Storage, trading as Gateway Cold Storage, with the expectation that it could store the product at a minimum of -15 degrees Fahrenheit.
However, Prairie Farms Dairy began receiving complaints from customers that they were purchasing containers of ice cream that were half-melted.

In 2011, Prairie Farms contacted the defendants, where it was given access to reading logs that revealed the temperature inside the storage facilities was between 0 degrees Fahrenheit and -7 degrees Fahrenheit, the complaint says.

“As a result of defendants’ failure to keep room four at a temperature of negative fifteen degrees Fahrenheit or below, Prairie Farm’s ice cream products melted, in whole or in part, which resulted in damage to Prairie Farm in excess of $490,000,” the suit states.