Nissan tests lithium-ion battery system on refrigerated lorry

Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa, Japan: Nissan is to spend a year carrying out test drives of the lithium-ion battery-equipped Atlas F24 refrigerated truck, in cooperation with Yamato Transport.

The vehicle is the first in the world to feature a dedicated lithium-ion battery system for continued operation of refrigerator and chiller compartments, according to Nissan.

This system places no burden on the vehicle’s engine, likely improving fuel efficiency, and the output of the refrigeration equipment is not influenced by the number of engine revolutions, making it easier to manage the temperature of the refrigerator and chiller compartments.

Even when the engine is switched off, there is sufficient battery capacity to ensure stable operation of the refrigerator and chiller compartments for long periods.

Nissan customised the specifications of the Atlas F24 to match the needs of Yamato Transport’s services, and will loan one of the trucks to Yamato as a test vehicle to be used in Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture.

The lithium-ion battery system installed on the vehicle was developed by 4R Energy and the standard model of the truck is scheduled to go on sale in Japan in summer 2013.