Oakland’s Snow Patrol

Redditch, UK: Midlands multi-temperature supply chain company Oakland International has bought a 4 x 4 all terrain vehicle, a specialist gritter and even a snow plough in a bid to keep its Redditch depot and nearby roads open in the event of bad weather.

Oakland International managing director, Dean Attwell, says: “Many of our staff either walk or cycle to work or use public transport, and staff who do have cars still found it extremely challenging to make it in to work during last year’s tricky weather conditions which caused great concern, not only for their personal safety, but also for our logistics partners collecting and delivering product at our depot due to encountered freezing rain, heavy snow and treacherous icy road conditions across the county.

“This year we’re ready. We’ve refined and enhanced our bad weather planning and response with what we like to call the Oakland Snow Patrol, investing in new bad weather gritting and snow clearing equipment, a major investment which has already been put to good use.”