One-day summit on urban logistics

London, UK: The Fresh Produce Consortium is supporting the Feeding Cities Summit, organised by the United Kingdom Warehousing Association. The event is a response to the new National Infrastructure Commission study on the future of the UK freight industry.

The summit will provide a forum to consider the challenges, review the gathering evidence, identify the ‘gaps’ and, most importantly, develop a coherent industry-wide response and plan to present to the National Infrastructure Commission.

The NIC study focuses on the critical challenges faced by the UK freight industry – urban congestion, de-carbonisation and how to harness the potential of new technologies.

Peter Ward, chief executive of the association said: “With the support of like-minded trade associations we are providing a platform for members of the logistics community along with grocery retailers, caterers, food and drink manufacturers and distributors, waste management companies, government agencies and industrial property agents to share a truly unique opportunity to influence the future shape of the nation’s infrastructure”.

The Feeding Cities Summit takes place on 6 February at the British Museum in London.