Paneltex takes its trucks to the markets

Hull, UK: Paneltex organised a 48-hour day and night product demonstration at New Covent Garden Market in central London.

Market traders were invited to view the company’s refrigerated vehicle body range.  During the day, Paneltex ran a ‘ride and drive’ programme based on its Zeroed electric vehicle product range, using a 6.2-tonne Isuzu demonstration vehicle to show the operational and payload benefits of the Zeroed electric vehicle range.

New Covent Garden Market is the largest fruit, vegetable and flower market in the UK with 200 businesses on site.  They showed considerable interest in the Zeroed electric truck, says Chris Berridge, managing director, Paneltex.

Paneltex 6.2-tonne Isuzu demonstration vehicle at New Covent Garden Market in central London

Paneltex also showed a high roof Mercedes-Benz Sprinter panel van with a Somers ATP class C refrigerated conversion based on the GAH Super Rapier refrigeration system.  Alongside this was also another Mercedes-Benz Sprinter panel van with a low-cost Paneltex chiller conversion using a GAH Arrow AC20T refrigeration system.

Berridge says: “On both evenings we had a really good turnout of visitors, which made the whole exercise extremely worthwhile, and we picked up a two vehicle order for refrigerated box bodies on Ford Transit 3.5tonne chassis cabs.  “In the day, we chose to run a specific ride and drive programme and the interest in the electric vehicle was tremendous.  We now have a significant number of further demonstration visits to make to potential customers well into 2012, as a result of this event.”