Record breaking cold store mobile racking

CP UTPM PM 022013 GBCoucy-le-Chateau, France: UTPM Réalisation has installed a 71m long mobile racking system in a cold store that could be a record breaking installation, the company says.

UTPM makes high-density storage systems mostly used for temperatures under 0°C especially for logistics providers or the food industry.

UTPM latest installation completed in December 2012 consists of mobile racking with narrow-aisles for turret trucks. The mobile racks have conveyors at one end and are linked electronically.

The rack is nearly 72 metres long, nearly 11 metres high and carries 720 tonnes of goods per mobile base and is used ina cold store at -24°C.

“This brilliant feat of engineering was possible thanks to the sole technical expertise of UTPM,” the company says.

For more than 25 years, this French company has been designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining mobile racking system.