Reed Boardall extends cold store

Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire, UK: Reed Boardall Group has extended its cold store capacity at its 55-acre site to 142,000 pallets.

A newly completed store building – 142m by 67m – also adds 14 loading docks, bringing the total to 54. Reed Boardall operates from a single site on the A1(M) at Boroughbridge. The cold store and 160 vehicle fleet collect frozen and chilled food from manufacturers, consolidating at Boroughbridge and delivering 3,000 product lines to supermarkets, wholesalers and food service suppliers.

Group chief executive Keith Boardall says: “While we work with most of the household-name food producers, a significant proportion of our customers are smaller businesses which enjoy the cost efficiencies of the outstanding storage and transport consolidation we offer. Our highly technologised stores and fleet enable us to deliver stock next day, in exactly the volumes needed by the retailers served by our customers.”

Garry Tilburn, managing director of Reed Boardall Cold Storage, says: “Today’s supply chain needs lower stocks – a requirement we meet by taking orders day one and delivering day two. It sounds simple but it takes an incredibly sophisticated infrastructure to achieve this, day in day out – particularly with frozen food.”