Schmitz expands in Belarus

Minsk, Belarus: Schmitz Cargobull plans to expand its subsidiary in Belarus says Andreas Schmitz, director, Schmitz Cargobull.

This year, Schmitz Cargobull AG plans to open a factory in St Petersburg (Russia) to make 1,000 units by 2015. “Once this plant is up and running, we plan to expand the scope of activities of our subsidiary company and get into the sale of used machinery and parts. For we will open a trailer center in Minsk,” he said.

“The Belarusian transport market will be growing,” said Schmitz. According to Yuri Khval, head of the Schmitz Cargobull AG office in Belarus, the Belarusian transport market expanded beyond the country’s limits long time ago. Belarusian forwarders successfully work in Russia. For instance, Belarusians account for up to 90% of motor carriers in Smolensk Oblast.

Schmitz Cargobull Bel provides after-sales maintenance for trailer equipment, prepares and coordinate contacts, develop and support projects in the motor transport industry of Belarus.