Seafood temp indicators for reduced oxygen packaging

Cambridge, UK: Timestrip has a new product to protect seafood packaged in reduced oxygen environments.

Timestrip Seafood will detect breaches in temperature during processing and transport, and is especially valuable with products such as crab meat and scallops, which are packaged in a reduced oxygen environment.

The indicators provide a reliable indication when the food is stored above 3 deg C – conditions in which they may develop Clostridium botulinum (C. bot) bacteria, responsible for food-borne botulism, Timestrip says.

Key advantages of Timestrip Seafood are the lack of special requirements for transport or storage prior to activation, and their long shelf-life. In addition, they are low cost and simple to use, says Reuben Isbitsky, chief executive, Timestrip.

An upgraded adhesive for the self-adhesive indicators copes with the wet conditions in seafood processing. Timestrip is seeing strong demand for the product from scallop, crab and similar sectors, it says.

“We are delighted to have introduced this product ahead of Seafood Expo”, he said. “It will make an important contribution to controlling C. bot borne infection in many seafood lines.”

Timestrip will show the product at Seafood Expo, Boston, USA from 11-13 March.