The need for intelligent reusable transport items

Santa Clara, CA, US: The critical benefits of actionable data are now increasingly recognised across the food and pharmaceutical industries, as well as for asset tracking, says Kevin Payne, senior director of marketing,
Intelleflex Corporation.

iRTI PackRev WP Thumbnail“Actionable data about the condition and location of products enables the intelligent supply chain to improve operational efficiencies and drive out waste. This data is best captured at the pallet, bin or tote level – the domain of the reusable transport item, or RTI,” he says.

A new White Paper from Packaging Revolution written by Rick LeBlanc details the need for intelligent reusable transport items.

“An intelligent RTI or iRTI is a reusable transport item that is embedded with an RFID tag to collect and capture information about the RTI itself as well as its contents. When integrated into a software system, the iRTI provides important actionable data to help address some of the key challenges in today’s supply chains and provide a rapid ROI,” Payne says.