Thermo King Australasia director hits out at carbon tax

Sydney, Australia: Thermo King Australasia’s regional director Peter Lawrence has attacked proposals to impose carbon taxes on refrigerants, arguing that it will be “tough for customers”.

According to the “Big Rigs” website, Lawrence describes the carbon tax on hydrofluorocarbon refrigerants as a government imposition. “We’re a supplier and have got to pass on costs,” he said. Lawrence believes that the refrigerated transport industry in Australasia will be hit harder than most other sectors.

The price rise is set to affect anyone in Australia who owns or needs to fix a fridge, a cold room or a refrigerated truck or imports components or refrigerant from July 1.

As more people are likely to start looking for cheaper alternatives to HFCs Lawrence warned that substitutes could be explosive. This could be even more risky in a large truck where there is a large amount of air circulating inside an enclosed box, Lawrence said.