Thermo King pilots light van battery power refrigeration

Galway, Ireland: A new temperature control unit concept from Thermo King is the industry’s first solution to run solely on a light commercial van battery. “This innovative solution provides sustainable temperature control without accompanying noise, fuel costs or emissions,” the company says.

The temperature control unit was piloted on two electric vans in Paris between June and September last year. “The freedom from noise, emissions and fuel costs make this cutting-edge, sustainable solution ideal for transport in dense regional areas,” said Roland Duquesne, director of strategic accounts in Europe for Themo King.

This battery-powered unit has demonstrated the ability to transport 100 kilos of food during 35+ degree C weather while completely maintaining temperature, he says.

The new refrigeration unit is lighter and retains the cold more effectively than existing solutions. Thermo King plans to sell the unit this year. This solution is designed especially for delivery in cities and dense areas for organizations transporting temperature controlled goods to hospitals, schools, senior housing centers, small butchers and small restaurants.