Transgourmet takes on 240 engineless refrigeration systems from Carrier Transicold

Berlin, Germany: Food delivery company Transgourmet is taking 240 Carrier Transicold’s Iceland engineless multi-temperature fridges as part of a fleet renewal.

Transgourmet is taking 240 Carrier Transicold’s Iceland engineless multi-temperature fridges as part of a fleet renewal

The Iceland helps Transgourmet build an environmentally responsible fleet. The fleet is made up of over 800 refrigerated rigid trucks covering around 26m kilometers a year in Germany.

“Our aim is to become the most sustainable company in our industry,” said Thomas Wallrabenstein, head of services, Transgourmet Central and Eastern Europe. “Carrier Transicold’s engineless Iceland multi-temperature unit helps us achieve our goals for low noise levels and emissions.”

The Iceland multi-temperature fridges use power generated by the truck’s Euro 6 engine, cutting emissions by removing the fridge diesel engine. The refrigeration unit is powered by Carrier Transicold’s Eco-Drive GenSet unit, driven by a hydro pump connected to the truck’s power take-off. The hydraulic system drives a generator that delivers electrical power to the host unit.

Transgourmet trucks can make up to 18 stops during one trip with a multi-temperature load. The Iceland unit consistently provides a cooling capacity of up to 18 kilowatts (0°C/30°C) even when the truck is idling. It has two hermetically sealed, electrically driven scroll compressors eliminating belts and shaft seals, allowing for fewer leaks and requiring little maintenance.

Integrated into the Eco-Drive GenSet hydraulic system is a control unit that ensures the generator consistently runs the same number of revolutions. The Eco-Drive system generates 400 volts at 50Hz, maintaining constant power even when the truck is idling in heavy traffic. This increases refrigeration unit reliability in stop-and-go traffic.

“The Iceland multi-temperature unit’s unique technical features enable us to meet the demand of a continuous cold chain for fresh produce and refrigerated foods in order to deliver high-quality goods to our customers,” said Sven Sauerwein, head of logistics services, Transgourmet Germany.

“The unit’s scroll compressors provide quick restoration of temperatures in both compartments after door openings.”

Transgourmet is part of the the Swiss-based Co-op group.


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