UK bucks truck sales trend

Brussels, Belgium; The UK is the only major European market not to show a fall in truck sales.

New commercial vehicle registrations declined in January by 10.6% continuing a trend which prevailed throughout 2012.  But the UK posted sales growth of +5.4%.  Registrations in France were down 9.8%, Germany 15.5%, Spain 15.5% and Italy 23.6%).  In total, 126,110 vehicles were registered in the EU.

The UK sales lift was mainly from vans under 3.5 tonne with registrations up 11.9% in January. European van registrations at 103,129 units decreased by 9.7%. France (-9.3%), Germany (-13.9%), Spain (-18.2%) and Italy (-25.7%) all faced a downturn. France recorded the most vans (29,505 units), followed by the UK (16,049 units) and Germany (14,260 units).

Demand for new heavy trucks (over 16 tonnes) declined the most sharply across segments in January (-18.4%), totalling 15,510 vehicles. All major markets contracted, from -9.3% in Italy to -11.1% in Spain, -15.4% in France and -22.0% in Germany and the UK.

January results for trucks over 3.5 tonne were also negative (-17.2%), reflecting the general downturn across most markets. All significant ones recorded a double-digit decline, ranging from -10.1% in Spain to -14.2% in Italy, -15.1% in France, -19.5% in Germany and -21.2% in the UK. In total, 20,306 new trucks were registered in the EU.