Whisper option for Thermo King SLXe trailer fridges

Brussels, Belgium: Thermo King is offering its Whisper option in single-temperature and multi-temperature applications.

Whisper smallTransport companies are looking for ways to reduce noise levels in the face of traffic noise regarded as the second biggest environmental threat to health in the European Union, according to the Health and Environment Alliance Briefing,

The new customer-driven Thermo King Whisper option is now available for the recently introduced SLXe trailer refrigeration unit to help ensure the lowest possible noise levels while optimizing driver comfort.

The Whisper option achieves a consistent sound level reduction of around 4 decibels adjusted (dBA) leading to a significant decrease equivalent to a reduction of the noise energy output by 50 percent.

“Thermo King developed the Whisper option because we understand the critical role that noise reduction plays in our customers’ success, especially in urban neighborhoods and for night-time deliveries,” says Michel Poinsignon, product leader for trailer and rail refrigeration for Thermo King in Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa.

The Whisper option for SLXe trailer refrigeration units is factory-installed in the Thermo King facility in Galway, Ireland, to ensure consistent low noise-levels and minimize installation time of the unit onto the trailer.

The unit features proven components, tested and qualified in the Thermo King Technology Center, which helps ensure that desired sound levels are achieved. Whisper option performance testing demonstrates that consistent results are achieved, whatever the operating conditions, whether at high speed or minimum capacity.

The Whisper option includes:

  • exclusive acoustical insulation to contain noise emissions and
  • a reinforced engine compartment envelope featuring stronger access doors with flexible latches to avoid disturbing noise from vibrations even after several years of operation.

The Whisper option is ideal for day or night-time distribution in urban areas of goods and perishable products. The ability to operate in off peak hours alleviates traffic congestion and enables faster delivery cycles. This in turn means less waste of fresh goods, cutting waste disposal and thus reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Off-peak operation also allows for improved local road safety.

The SLXe transport refrigeration units featuring the Whisper option offer the same advantages as the standard units, including easy integration onto the vehicle, flexible operation and reliable, consistent performance. The units also offer easy serviceability because the main components are easily accessed to ensure maximum dependability and high resale value.

While the SLX was already the most fuel efficient solution in the category, the majority of SLXe multi-temperature models now offer the electronic throttling valve (ETV) technology previously only available on the single-temperature version of the SLX unit. ETV technology makes the multi-temperature models 8 percent more fuel efficient. They also offer 7 percent greater refrigeration capacity.

The new SLXe range, including units with the Whisper option, are covered as standard by a two-year warranty and can be backed up by ThermoKare maintenance programs available from more than 300 service points across Europe.

The new option completes the Thermo King offering which already includes Piek-certified solutions for noise-sensitive applications and deliveries in urban zones where sound level is regulated.


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