Blakemore Logistics opts for hybrid refrigeration

Willenhall, West Midlands, UK: Blakemore Logistics has collaborated with Thermo King to become one of the first companies in the UK to fit new hybrid refrigeration technology to 13 of its Gray & Adams trailers.

The Thermo King SLXi is the first hybrid unit on the market, offering the advantages of diesel and electric power.

Blakemore worked in partnership with Gray & Adams to design and install BlueSeal air curtains, designed to improve temperature regulation during regular unloading, so reducing food wastage.

The new trailers are expected to improve fleet efficiency as they have a longer operating life and are able to carry a greater weight of produce, significantly reducing the carbon footprint of the fleet. Additionally, the tractor units can be used at night to pull double-deck trunkers, adding further fleet efficiency savings.

Dave Higgs, logistics compliance manager, Blakemore, said: “The purchase of the hybrid technology, together with the trailer re-design in collaboration with Gray & Adams, further demonstrates Blakemore Logistics’ commitment to responsible business. The hybrid trailer units cut emissions by over 90% and will enable us to deliver into restricted emission zones with ease.

“In addition, lower engine operating hours will mean less frequent maintenance, providing further cost savings and extending the life of the trailer units.”

Thermo King sales manager, Stephen Williams, said: “For years we have been working with retail and distribution customers to address noise and engine emissions concerns during deliveries in urban areas and we developed a number of solutions that help them address these concerns.

“SLXi Hybrid is a trailer refrigeration unit combining technologies from Thermo King and Frigoblock, which allows it to operate in zero-emission electric mode and give Blakemore Logistics easier access to restricted, low-emission urban areas.

“The standard connectivity and geo-location feature automatically switches the power between the diesel and electric mode as required, lowering its environmental footprint and operating costs at the same time.”

Andrew Brown, sales director, Gray & Adams Doncaster said: “The new urban trailer and Mercedes Benz Econic are great additions to their fleet, which focuses on improved sustainability and reduced environmental impact.”


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