BOC and Stobart to use low-carbon HGVs

Carlisle, UK: UK gas supplier, BOC, and Stobart Group are taking part in a £23m programme to encourageUK road haulage operators to use low-carbon vehicles.

BOC will provide refuelling facilities for the Eddie Stobart fleet of dual-fuel vehicles at one of Stobart’s regional hubs. The refueling site will be open to other operators.

The project, part of the programme coordinated by the government Technology Strategy Board will track the usage of liquefied natural gas in dual-fuel vehicles. It will also assess BOC’s refuelling technology that uses cryogenic cooling to temperature-condition fuel prior to dispensing. This reduces wastage from evaporation and venting during the refuelling process.

“The systematic evaluation of the vehicles and the refuelling technologies in the field, as an integrated part of a large vehicle fleet, will help identify potential further refinements of the technology and provide opportunities to improve sustainability in the logistics sector,” BOC says.

Nathan Palmer, BOC director of bulk and packaged gases says: “Minimising fuel losses when refuelling will make a major improvement to the already strong environmental credentials of LNG as a transport fuel.

“This project will allow us and the Stobart Group to quantify just what is possible with this technology.”


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