Carrier unveils Supra Electric truck refrigeration technology

Long Beach, California, USA: Carrier Transicold unveiled its new zero-emission electric truck refrigeration technology at the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo.

Designed to provide maximum range and refrigeration capacities similar to those now only achieved by diesel-powered truck systems, the engineless Supra technology will be applied to battery electric vehicles or to run autonomously with conventional engine-driven trucks.

This will make it especially well-suited for businesses in California that must introduce zero-emissions truck refrigeration units into their fleets by the end of 2023 in compliance with proposed California Air Resources Board (CARB) requirements, Carrier says.

“Carrier Transicold has a solid record of developing industry-leading sustainable refrigeration technologies for the safe transport of perishable and frozen goods, and our new electric Supra concept builds on this legacy with its quiet emissions-free design,” said Scott Parker, product manager, truck products, Carrier Transicold.

“The Supra zero-emission design completely removes the diesel engine from the equation,” Parker said. “It takes advantage of many of the system design, performance and efficiency enhancements that we recently introduced with our diesel-powered Supra series platform. As we upgraded our Supra line, we had an eye on the future, anticipating that the road ahead would require more sustainable, zero-emission technologies.”

Like Carrier Transicold’s Vector trailer refrigeration systems, the electric Supra unit uses E-Drive technology, an all-electric refrigeration architecture that couples efficient performance with reduced maintenance requirements.

Features and benefits of the Supra zero-emission design include:

• Efficient zero-emissions performance – Utilizing a direct-current electric power source, the unit eliminates fuel consumption, emissions and noise associated with engine-driven systems.

• Maximum Range and High Capacity – The unit is being designed for full-day’s use with refrigeration performance on par with conventional diesel systems.

• Reduced service requirements – E-Drive technology uses maintenance-free electric evaporator and condenser fans and a sealed electric compressor, eliminating many typical serviceable items, such as belts, pulleys and shaft seals.

• More environmentally sustainable refrigerant – Using R-452A, with a global warming potential (GWP) that is 45% lower than today’s standard refrigerant, the electric Supra would meet CARB’s pending requirement that new transport refrigeration units use refrigerants with a GWP lower than 2,200 beginning in 2023

• The electric Supra unit requires a direct-current power supply. In the case of a non-electric truck this can be a dedicated battery module, and in BEV applications the electric Supra unit can draw energy from the truck’s battery pack. Carrier’s propriety power-management technologies maximize refrigeration unit performance and battery life for daily delivery operations.

North American commercial availability is slated by 2023 so fleets can comply with CARB’s proposed deadline of December 31, 2023 to convert 15% of their refrigerated trucks to zero-emission refrigeration technologies.

Pictured is Carrier Transicold’s zero-emission Supra electric truck fridge designed to deliver a new sustainable choice for the transport of perishable and frozen goods


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