Chris Allen joins Dawsongroup to sell inflatables

Sutton-in-Ashfield, UK: Chris Allen has joined Dawsongroup temperature control solutions as sales manager – inflatable products.

The appointment follows Dawson group’s acquisition of Tectoniks, which supplies inflatable architecture’ technology.

The business is also recruiting a two-man demonstration and installation team at its Sutton-in-Ashfield headquarters, to support Allen.

Rod Benham, managing director, Dawsongroup emperature control solutions said, “Chris has been with us since 2005, most recently as fleet sales manager, with responsibility for selling our used and surplus assets. It’s a role that has developed his understanding of customer needs, and he has become highly adept at finding comprehensive answers to those needs: as evidenced by customers’ regular repeat purchases through him.

“DTCS [Dawsongroup temperature control solutions] has grown over the past 30 years by consistently delivering the right solutions to customers, and ‘speed, understanding and flexibility’ are as important in that process as our high-quality, proven hardware. Now, the inflatable products we have already, and new ones we are developing, add further ability to find fast, effective resolutions to customers’ challenges.”

One of those challenges is the changeover of systems running on a refrigerant gas with a GWP of greater than 2500, such as R404a, he says. With the ban on supply of such gases in virgin format from the 1 January 2020, and little noticeable movement among operators as yet to deal with this, options such as those provided by DTCS in inflatables and other relatively ‘quick-fix’ options in their range look set to be in high demand, Benham said.

“The key for any producer will be minimising disruption to its business, particularly the process flow of the operation. The obvious plus of the Inflatable products is clearly their ability to ‘access all areas’, be that external or internal placement. It is quite foreseeable that DTCS will be asked to inflate modules in existing cold stores, to allow operators to maintain operations during gas change-over works.”

Allen said: “I am really happy to be involved again with the Inflatable product range, particularly the new-shape upgraded models. With a 20-pallet floor capacity that can be easily extended, and capable of not just chill but freeze to -18°C, these are fast, flexible options for any operation suddenly needing extra capacity, or in the event of existing plant failure: and the F Gas change in just over 12 months looks as if it could be a real ‘make or break’ moment for some companies. We are already getting urgent enquiries because of it, and product capacity, which unfortunately is never going to be infinite, is already being ear-marked by forward-thinking operators.”

Benham said: “We are going to be very busy in 2019 helping current and new customers adapt to changing market conditions – not least what I see as the real ‘threat’ to many of them of the F Gas change-over. But it goes beyond that one-off example. We find opportunities for process-flow improvements almost every time we visit customer sites.

“Things like trucks queuing up for a loading dock to deliver, or delivery vans waiting to load. With ‘Just-in-Time’ delivery schedules now the norm, why double-handle product by putting it in store for a short period, particularly when that store is often closer to the end of the production line, not the start? Carefully located inflatables in the yard, accessible by fork-lifts, can slash waiting time on delivery, thereby cutting costs and making feeding the line easier. Similarly, Inflatables in the yard holding ‘next delivery’ loads can ensure equally efficient and cost-effective turnaround.”

Picture shows Rod Benham, managing director, Dawsongroup temperature control solutions and Chris Allen, sales manager for inflatable buildings


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