Classic Catering trials Isuzu

Manchester, UK: Classic Catering estimates is will save over £10,000 on its annual fuel costs by switching to an Isuzu Forward 7.5tonner.

This is the first Isuzu in its 19-strong distribution fleet and the N75.190 4×2 rigid vehicle is covering over 2,400 miles a week.  It transports patisserie products from Classic Catering’s Manchester factory to its London based distribution centre in Wembley.

The Isuzu gave a 3mpg improvement in average fuel consumption over the previous vehicle on this 6-day-week, 430-mile daily operation.

Classic Catering first Isuzu with Coolfreeze 16ft multi-temperature refrigerated body and GAH SX7 fridge

David Mincher, logistics and warehouse manager at Classic Catering said: “We were aware of the Isuzu payload and impressive fuel economy before we bought the vehicle and everything we heard has materialised already with this first Isuzu.  Almost immediately, we have been able to achieve a significant fuel saving and we are confident that the mpg figures will continue to impress us as the Isuzu beds in.”

Classic Catering specified the Easyshift automated transmission a full wind deflector kit.  The Isuzu 7.5 tonner has a Coolfreeze 16ft multi-temperature refrigerated body and GAH SX7 fridge.  Inside the front of the Coolfreeze body is a two-pallet compartment for frozen products with a 7-pallet load chilled compartment at the rear.


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