CoolKit and Volkswagen build GDP compliant van

Burnley, Lancashire: CoolKit and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles collaborated to meet GDP compliance for a pharmaceutical distribution fleet.

The customer operates over 1,200 vehicles delivering medicines and similar products with half of its fleet temperature-controlled.

Glenn McCulley, sales and marketing director, CoolKit, said the customer wanted a long-term partner to gradually replace non temperature-controlled stock to fully satisfy GDP compliance across the entire fleet.

“In line with strict operating requirements, the vans needed to have a controlled ambient section at +8°C to +25°C in the main load space area and a small section for refrigerated pharmaceuticals at +2°C to +8°C.”

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and CoolKit worked with other suppliers during the vehicle conversion process, to fit video recording, telemetry and for sign writing.

The prototype was tested at MIRA and approved. Coolkit started building vans at 16 a week with the first deliveries in August this year,

“This is a great example of combining innovation with collaboration, and we hope to continue innovating bespoke solutions to all industries that require temperature-controlled solutions,” McCulley said.

“Whether GDP compliance is necessary or not, we will always put the customer’s needs first and use creativity to produce the highest standard of vehicle conversion that is required.”


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