Customs paperwork does NOT start next month

Worcester, UK: There seems to be a lot of confusion and the belief that customs paperwork starts on 1st February 2020. That is NOT the case, says Amco Services, a founding member of the Customs Clearance Consortium.

“Assuming there are no bumps in the road, between now and end of January, then the UK will leave the EU and enter the transition/implementation period. This period is until at least 31 December 2020 with the possibility to extend until the end of 2022 providing that extension is requested by July 2020. Boris is not keen on extending,” the company says.

“Nothing changes during 2020 but expect lots of discussions about FTA’s (Free Trade Agreements), Rules of Origin and’ level playing fields’.
“You should note that an FTA [Free Trade Agreements] does not remove the need for paperwork. It makes paperwork even more critical as the Customs document is used to prove eligibility to the terms of the FTA.
“Our prediction of the next phase is as follows:
• The Prime minister, Boris Johnson, will not go beyond 31st December 2020
• FTA’s will not be finalised by that time
• GATT XXIV will be used to ‘postpone’ tariffs until the final deal is agreed
• Paperwork starts 1st January 2021 (with or without tariffs)
• For more information on GATT XXIV, click here

“Don’t be fooled into thinking that we all have ‘a year off’. Time flies, and we need this time to make sure that processes and data flows are set and tested to make the paperwork as free-flowing as possible.”  
“We are often asked, ‘what’s the difference between a Hard and a Soft Brexit? (in terms of paperwork and process). Our answer is always the same. The only difference is the start date! Not being in the EU Single Market creates the need for paperwork (even if in a Customs Union). A planned and tested start to this process is considered to be a Soft Brexit.”
“An exciting year ahead even if Brexit might drop off the news radar for a while.”

Amco is a founding member of the Customs Clearance Consortium which has invested in the infrastructure required to be able to process all customs clearances from 31 of January 2020 should there be a no deal Brexit.As a member of the Customs Clearance Consortium, Amco will guarantee processing of customs clearances for all of its subscribed customers at less than market rates and take responsibility for the clearance process supported by the correct paperwork.

The Customs Clearance Consortium is working closely with Customs and Excise to ensure seamless transition after the 31st of January 2020. A customer subscription will act as an ‘insurance policy’ to derisk daily operations of your business clearing goods into the UK and provide you with auditable reports to support traceability and your UK legal requirements.

For more detail see Amco


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