Dry air cuts warehouse fog

Blaydon, Tyne & Wear, UK: Frozen and chilled food wholesaler Tyneside Foodservice is using Munters dehumidifiers to cut cold store fog build-up.

Fog build-up reduced visibility and condensation made floors slippery and icy posing a safety risk and slowing loading and unloading operations by forklift.

Regular defrosts were required in order to rectify these problems, resulting in expensive downtime for cleaning ice, and wasted energy for the latent cooling and period of each defrost.

A dehumidifier in a corridor outside the cold room airlock cuts condensation problems at Tyneside Foodservice

Munters recommended its ML690 desiccant dehumidifiers with insulated process inlet.  This dehumidifies in low moisture applications and is situated in a corridor outside the cold room airlock.

Moist air from the ambient side is controlled to 10°C then taken through the desiccant rotor, dehumidified and dropped as very dry air over the top of the cold store door on the cold side at -25°C).

This not only treats the moisture at source, but also acts as a “dry air curtain” over the cold store door.  The system runs on a complete recirculation, with an insulated process air inlet preventing ice build up.


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