Eco-Drive for BV Dairy

Shaftesbury, UK: BV Dairy has two new Carrier Transicold Supra 850 fridges and, in a first for the company, has specified each with the Eco-Drive power module.

This enables the units to either run on their own diesel engines or via electric power derived from the truck engine’s power take-off; a hybrid configuration aimed at improving the sustainability of its fleet.

The two Supra 850 units – fitted to Solomon bodies on 18-tonne Mercedes-Benz Actros chassis and supplied on a contract hire agreement from Ryder – will replace older, purely diesel-driven Supra 750 units.

The Supra 850 units provide constant airflow, rapid pull-down speeds and accurate set point control on either power configuration, with the flexibility to offer BV Dairy a way of cutting fuel use and engine emissions.  

Shaftesbury-based BV Dairy has taken delivery of two new Carrier Transicold Supra¨ 850 units, fitted to Solomon insulated bodies on 18-tonne Mercedes-Benz Actros chassis

“With tightening emissions restrictions continually coming into force, we wanted to introduce new technology into our fleet that would help us to lower our carbon footprint – without losing any performance,” said Charis Lewis, logistics and distribution manager, BV Dairy.

“These two new vehicles primarily operate on multi-drop routes in London, so it seemed the ideal opportunity to introduce the hybrid power of Carrier Transicold’s Eco-Drive system. This provides us with an engineless transport refrigeration solution for our inner-city deliveries; it’s proving to be a simple and very effective solution for reducing our CO2 output.”

Carrier Transicold’s Eco-Drive system uses a hydraulic pump connected to the truck engine’s power take-off. This drives a generator that delivers electrical power to the Supra 850 unit, which can provide refrigeration capacity even at the truck’s standard idle speed.

The hybrid flexibility of the new set-up means when vehicles have to stop for extended periods, BV Dairy can switch back to the Supra 850 unit’s standalone diesel power to maintain the set point, without the need to keep the truck engine running. The Eco-Drive system also allows the units to be powered directly from the main grid where an electric connection is available, helping to make further savings on fuel.

BV Dairy will monitor the new additions to assess fuel consumption and emissions reductions, with the potential to introduce more electric-powered Carrier Transicold equipment into its fleet. 

Operating out of the company’s Shaftesbury depot, the new trucks are expected to cover 70,000 miles a year and will remain in the fleet for five years. The fridges are covered by Carrier Transicold’s EverCold repair and maintenance package.


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