Ecooltec – a new name in refrigeration

Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany: Ecooltec is a new name in truck refrigeration.

The company’s founder is Peter Grosskopf, who set up Frigoblock in 1978 and sold in 2015 to Trane, owners of Thermo King.

The company has developed a low-height fridge unit – 240 mm – for roof-mounting which plans to market worldwide.

The system has hermetic refrigeration circuits, is emission free, and uses natural refrigerants with single-figure global warming potential.

The units suit a range of mobile applications including trailers and rigids, short haul, long-haul and home delivery operations.

“We are dedicated to the task of ensuring that all temperature-controlled transport can be carried out with the help of forward-looking technologies without burdening people or the environment,” Henning Altebäumer, chief executive, Ecooltec, (pictured above left) said.

Jürgen Süß, chief technology Officer Ecooltec I(pictured above right) said: “Almost the entire cold chain today could be operated without fluorinated greenhouse gases, just not the transport refrigeration sector. Ecooltec’s system now closes that gap and enables the food industry, for example, to actually offer ice cream and frozen pizza with the greenest footprint,”

The low-height fridge – 240 mm – allows for roof-mounting

The components specifically developed for the refrigeration machines can already be produced particularly economically in large quantities; they can also be used by companies that use refrigerated containers (reefers) as well as air-conditioning systems for buses and trains, the company says.

Ecooltec will be at the IAA Transport show in Hanover from 20 to 25 September 2022.

E-cooltec uses hermetic refrigeration circuits, is emission free, and uses natural refrigerants with single-figure global warming potential

Pictured above are Henning Altebäumer, (left) chief executive, and Jürgen Süß, chief technical officer, Ecooltec Grosskopf


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