Envirotainer launches -70 ºC container

Sollentuna, Sweden: Envirotainer has launched CryoSure, a container that can keep medicines at -70 ºC for up to three weeks.

Envirotainer says: “Whereas most of the temperature-controlled pharmaceutical shipment solutions have historically involved temperature ranges of 2–8°C and 15–25°C, many pharma products and biospecimen samples require below -70°C shipments.

More importantly, many new products within cell and gene therapy, clinical development, other non-finished products as well as mRNA vaccines have to be transported below -70°C.

“Shipping products at below -70°C is very challenging. Long shipment durations combined with risks for delays, supply and handling of dry ice, and human errors are putting many shipments at risk. There is no room for failure when shipping life-saving products.

This is the reason why Envirotainer now launches the revolutionary CryoSure platform, based on the Linde Seccurus technology and Envirotainer’s 35 years of experience. With its superior duration of up to three weeks, heat resistance and unparalleled ease of use, CryoSure is the most reliable choice for -70°C cryogenic shipments, and for protecting patient safety.”

Mattias Almgren, CryoSure platform executive at Envirotainer, says: “This new CryoSure technology takes pharma transportation to the next level by mitigating most if not all risks currently faced when shipping pharma products below -70°C. It is a game changer and is going to revolutionise this part of the market.”      


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