Henderson adds 15 Renault T460s and 14 Range D18s

Mallusk, Northern Ireland: The Henderson Group has added 15 Renault Trucks Range T460s and 14 Range D18s to its fleet.

The latest vehicles, supplied by Diamond Trucks, reflect Henderson’s decision to opt for Renault as a preferred supplier.

David McCracken, group fleet engineer, Henderson Group says: “In 2015 we operated a mixed fleet of vehicles and it was decided a key objective would be to standardise to perhaps two core brands.

“We introduced the Range T and D in 2015 with seven Range T460 6x2s and a Range D26 fridge and we haven’t looked back. Renault Trucks are now one of our preferred suppliers and business partners. We operate some 70 of their vehicles across our various divisions and forecast further investment in the Renault product by the end of 2020.”

Reliability and driver acceptance were key factors in the decision to add more Renault Trucks to the fleet. “Driver acceptance of Renault Trucks has been 100%; it’s exceptional,” McCracken says.

“They really are the perfect truck, reliable, stylish and comfortable to drive. We’ve recently introduced two flagship Range T Highs as a driver retention tool for long serving employees with the Range T being the preferred choice for most of our drivers.”

Henderson brought in the new T Ranges to work on regional distribution multi-drops in Northern Ireland. “The trucks are doing around 70 runs a day both ambient and chilled and the Range T fits the bill perfectly and offers the best compromise in terms of reliability, MPG, size of cab and driver appeal,” McCracken says.

The 26T Range Ds are working on similar operations within the wholesale division and the 18T Range Ds on foodservice business, delivering daily to hotels, restaurants, schools and other public services in north and south of Ireland. “The specifications of the Range D, including the reduced turning circle and compact cab, make it perfect for our wholesale and foodservice operations and allows us to access even the tightest of locations,” he says.

The Range Ts have been supplied on a 4-year contract hire by BRS with the Range Ds purchased outright by Henderson. “The Henderson Group is very committed to reducing its carbon footprint. To ensure that we have some of the most modern and environmentally friendly trucks available, we currently update our tractor units every 4 years and rigids every 7 years but we are constantly reviewing this and may reduce this even further as new technology is introduced in the future.” McCracken says.

Maintenance is carried out by Diamond Trucks. “Our fleet is increasingly moving to Renault Trucks now, thanks to both the quality of the vehicles and the service we receive. The relationship works and look forward to dealing with Renault Trucks for many years to come,” McCracken says.

The Henderson Group, which owns Spar, Eurospar, Vivo and Vivoxtra, and Vico Essentials franchises in Northern Ireland, has added 15 Renault Trucks Range T460s and 14 Range D18s to fleet


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